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My Bra Clip™ - America's number 1 selling bust enhancer product Easy to adjust
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  • Increases Your Cup Size in Seconds
  • Improves Your Posture
  • Lifts and Supports Breasts
  • Prevents Falling Bra Straps
  • Keeps Bra Straps from Cutting into Shoulders
  • No Surgery Needed
  • Look Good and Feel Sexy!

My Bra Clip™ is the easy way to achieve a sexy look in just seconds. Just clip My Bra Clip™ to the back of your bra strap and you're done. Or add it to a bikini top for a shapely, sexier look. Say goodbye to sports bras that flatten you. It's like adding a full cup size instantly!

Turn Flat into Fabulous!

Before and After effect of Bra Clip, to get a better cleavageMake your cleavage more visible
Transform from small to more hide your unsightly bra straps
Increase your Cup Size Perfect for sports bra, tank top, and work-out attire
My Bra Clips™ is made using durable plastic resin that is flexible and bendable. Therefore, it will not snap or break when pressure is applied on it while wearing it on
  • Loosen your bra straps
  • Reach behind your head and lift one bra strap upward
  • While holding My Bra Clip™ in the other hand, place the bra strap under the flap, then repeat with the other strap
  • Pull bra strap forward while sliding My Bra Clip™ downward one strap at a time
  • Adjust straps on your shoulders
  • By adjusting your bra straps to full length, My Bra Clip™ will provide greater lift and support, reduce shoulder indentions and discomfort and eliminate falling bra straps.

To increase dramatic results of cleavage use on your favorite under wire bra and place My Bra Clip™ close to the nape of your neck. The higher My Bra Clip™, the tighter the straps, the greater the results.


"I love My Bra Clip™. I'm bigger on top, so it gives me the lift and support I need."

- Rachel Kings, New Jersey, US


"All I can say is: god Bless for this invention! I am so surprised by this. It is comfortable and feels so good to have support"

Josephine Lynnburg, Sydney, Australia


"With My Bra Clip™, I am able to control visiblity of my cleavage according to my attire. Tank top, Sports bra, razer back, I can pin them all."

- Sandra Monica, New York, US


"Wow! It's great how easy it is to clip My Bra Clip™ onto your bra for lift and support. You don't even notice it's there!"

Felicia Gosph, London, UK


"I was skeptical until I saw the results other women got for this product. Once I tried it on, I was amazed. This is the greatest product. I can wear any tank or sundress now"

Nina Johnson, Canada


"This is the best invention in the world. Can't say enough about this product"

Patricia Wayne, Texas, US

"My cup size went from A to B instantly. And now I am confident of meeting new people with my new curves!"

Tanya Geaks, California, US

"As my friends know that I am always worried about my small breasts, they recommeded me My Bra Clip. Now they are jealous how well it worked for me."

Jessica Baines, Kentucky, US

"I've always wanted more cleavage, but I didn't want to have surgery. Now I look younger, fuller and even thinner. I absolutely love the Bra Clip. It's amazing!"

Flenda Morr, Queensland, AU

"No more ugly bra straps, no more saggy breasts!"

Ruby Sematha, Massachusetts, US

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